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Oklahoma Native AmericanTrips

Oklahoma and Texas 2014

A magical journey through the state formed in 1907 from the Indian and Oklahoma territories. Visits to friends and relatives. Bison sightings and much more. Oklahoma Native American (Right)

Southwest: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California 2012

Nov 29 - Dec 20, 2012 we toured the southwest. We flew to Houston to stay with Cynthia and Jim for 2 days, then a lot of driving. Highlights included visits with Rita, Molly, Mary Carol, and Terry and Nancy. Beautiful scenery, wide open spaces. See the Auto Slide Show.

Iceland / UK 2012

Sep 6 - Oct 4, 2012 we spent a week in Iceland and 3 weeks in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland and Wales. A lot of driving. Highlights included meeting Eva, Nicola, Marco and Stefania in Manchester with a dinner 9/25 at Ning.

Bruce's Trips

  1. Sri Lanka February 2006
  2. Morocco November 2005
  3. Uzbekistan May 2005
  4. Iran February 2004

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Street in Bonn, Germany
Street in Bonn, Germany


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