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    About Rhode Island Cooking
    Rhode Island Food Glossary and Pronunciation Guide from Washington Post
    Rhode Island Johnny Cakes
    Rhode Island Clam Cakes - "Frittahs"
    Rhode Island Coffee Milk  
    Quahog Recipes from neighboring Massachusetts
    Pork Pie Recipes from Fall River, Massachusetts
    Angel Hair Pasta With Clams Chef Frank Terranova and Tiverton Fire Chief Robert Lloyd
    Chili Crusted Scallops with Cucumber Salad
    Spaghetti alle Vongole with Rhode Island "Little Neck" Quahogs
    Crabbing at Green Bridge
    Rhode Island Plain Quahog Chowder
    Rhode Island Little Necks
    Cioppino Rhode Island Chef Paul Wade of Pietra, st Stone House in Little Compton
    Stuffed Quahogs
    Quahogs Stuffing
    Clams, Crab and Rhode Island
    Bouillabaisse Newportaise de Chef Joseph Donon
    Scallops Newport - well, not really
    Grilled Stuffed Oysters with Chourico and Peppers
    White Horse Tavern's Lobster "Mac" and Cheese from America's oldest tavern, in Newport, this dish is fattening, expensive, not really Rhode Island, but very tasty.
    Rhode Island Grilled Clams or Oysters
    Grilled Scottish Salmon with smoked tomato jam and lentils with asparagus vinaigrette
    Grilled Mussels with Curry Butter with Chef Frank Terranova (includes video link)
    Pork with Clams (Little Necks)



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Photo of Pell Bridge by Eileen Westgate 2004