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  1. Carrot Cake
  2. Best Carrot Cake with walnuts and cream cheese frosting
  3. J. Paul Getty Museum Carrot Cake
  4. Carrot Cake with Maple Glaze
  5. Carrot Cake Parma by Giada
  6. Carrot Cake with Bananas and Dates
  7. Carrot Hummus
  8. Carrot Raita from Madhur Jaffrey
  9. Carrot Cake with an Indian Flavor from Madhur Jaffrey
  10. Carrot Soup Indienne
  11. Carrot Mussel Soups
  12. Spicy Carrot Orange Soup
  13. Dr. Oz's Healthy Cream of Carrot Soup
  14. Spicy Gingered Carrot Soup from The Wine Lover's Cookbook
  15. Lee's Carrot Orange Soup with Curry and Cider
  16. Carrot Juice
  17. Carrot, Granny Smith, and Ginger Juice
  18. Carrot Spice Muffins
  19. Carrot Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting
  20. Apple and Carrot Shortbread
  21. Zucchini Carrot Muffins
  22. Carrot Tapas and Appetizers
  23. Carottes Rapées
  24. Carrot Garlic Soup with Curry Potato Hash
  25. Curried Carrot and White Bean Dip vegetarian and low calorie
  26. Carrot Hummus includes a spicy Moroccan version
  27. Fresh Carrot Pasta from Joe Famularo
  28. Carrot Pasta with Asparagus from Joe Famularo
  29. Penne with Carrots, Onions and White Wine from Joe Famularo
  30. Lee's July Carrot Soup lots of fresh herbs; in the Mealn'Minute pressure cooker



J. Paul Museum Carrot Cake

J. Paul Getty Museum Carrot Cake

CarrotsCarrots can be eaten in a variety of ways. Raw carrots should be thoroughly washed: raw vegetables may carry harmful bacteria or parasites. Only 3% of the carotene in raw carrots is released during digestion. This can be improved to 39% by pulping, cooking and adding cooking oil. Carrots may be chopped and boiled, fried or steamed, and cooked in soups and stews. A well known dish is Carrots Julienne. Grated carrots are used in carrot cakes, as well as carrot puddings, an old English dish thought to have originated in the early 1800s. The French invented Carottes Rapées, finely grated carrots simply dressed with lemon (see below). Together with onion and celery, carrots are one of the primary vegetables used in a mirepoix to make various broths. Carrot juice is a health drink, either stand-alone or blended with fruits and other vegetables. The carrot gets its characteristic and bright orange color from carotene, which is metabolised into vitamin A in humans when bile salts are present in the intestines. Massive overconsumption of carrots can cause carotenosis, a benign condition in which the skin turns orange. Carrots are also rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, and minerals.For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrot.

Carrot Juicing

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Carottes Rapées

Carrots finely shredded for Carottes RapéesCarottes Rapées is simply grated carrots tossed in fresh lemon juice, a bit of salt, and sometimes a little olive oil. You can add some chopped flat-leaf parsley, but nothing more. It is important that the carrots are very thinly grated. I prefer to use my Kitchen Aid mixer with the fine grater attachment.

Carrot Juice

Buy carrots in bulk. I always peel mine before running them through the juicer.