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LS Vids

Day 1: Upper Body Push

  1. 1a: DB Chest Press (right) 12 lbs 12/10/10
  2. 1b: DB Triceps Kickback 5 lbs 12/10/10 DEMO
  3. 1c: DB Push Press 8 lbs 12/10/10 VIDEO Dumbbell Push Press (outside link)

  4. 2a: WG MC Dips - 100 lbs 15/12/10
  5. 2b: BOSU Push Ups 12/10/10
  6. 2c: Dips on the Bench 15/12/10
  7. 2c: Knee Raises 15/12/10

  8. 3a: Oblique Knee Raises
  9. 3b: Bosu "Chinless" Crunch [BOSU Crunch]
  10. 3c: Bosu "No Chin" Oblique Crunch [Bosu Ball Exercises from Ask the Trainer]

Day 2: Lower Body

  1. 1a: KB Step ups 4 steps
  2. 1b: KB Lateral step ups
  3. 1c: KB Medial step ups

  4. 2a: MC Squats DEMO SM
  5. 2b: Cable Hip Adductors
  6. 2c: Cable Hip Abductors

  7. 3a: Yoga Ball Leg Curls
  8. 3b: Standing Calf Raises
  9. 3c: Standing Medial (toes in) Calf Raises
  10. 3d: Standing Lateral (toes out) Calf Raises

Day 3: Upper Body Pull

  1. 1a: WG CB Lat Pulldown 12/10/10 DEMO
  2. 1b: Australian Pull-up 15/12/10 DEMO
  3. 1c: CG Suspended Row 12/10/10

  4. 2a: DB Lateral Raises 15/12/10 DEMO 5lbs or 2 lbs.
  5. 2b: DB Front Raises 15/12/10 DEMO use limited range
  6. 2c: DB 1-Arm Row 12/10/10
  7. 2d: DB Shrugs 25/20/20 Hex Bar w/ no weights

  8. 3a: Back Extension 12/10/10 DEMO plus VIDEO Back Extensions (outside link) with Michelle Trapp
  9. 3b: Picking Up Pennies 12/10/10
  10. 3c: Swimming 15/12/10

Notes Work Out

DEMO = outside link to EM for short vid demo by Kevin McGowan

Notes Day 1

Notes Day 2

Notes Day 3

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