"Assiette de Fruits de Mer"

Oysters Assiette de Fruits de Mer

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Assiette de Fruits de Mer - simple et tellement bon. We do it a bit different here. For Rhode Island, steam shellfish, such as shrimp, lobster, crabs, and mussels. Open oysters and Little Necks. Arrange the prepared ice-cold seafood on a large plate, on a bed of cleaned seaweed if you like. Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges. Add a basket of rye bread, sliced, and some unsalted butter (either from Normandy or a high quality American butter). Next to every plate, put one small dish (ramekin) of minced shallot vinaigrette plus a small dish of homemade mayonnaise. Finally, give every person a small dish of water to wash their fingers. For Lee, this dish is excellent with dry white wine, like Pinot Grigio. See Robin Garr's note below.


Assiette de Fruits de Mer

3-4 personnes

20 huitres
12 langoustines
250 g de bigorneaux
Du gros sel
250 g de bulots
100 g de crevettes roses
100g de crevettes grises

Pin de Seigle


  1. Déposez les fruits de mer sur une assiette recouverte d'un peu d'algues
  2. Pour chaques convives, joigner un petit ramequin de vinaigrette échallotte émincée et un petit ramequin de mayonnaise
  3. Un dernier petit ramequin avec des rinces doigts
  4. Quelques tranches de pain de Seigle, avec son beure de Normandie
  5. Servir bien frais

Note: "Fish and seafood almost always demands a white wine, preferably a dry and crisp white. Suggestions include: Sauvignon Blanc (from California. or Australia, or the Bordeaux and Loire whites from France) go well with all white-fleshed fish and seafood. Sancerre and Muscadet from the Loire are exceptionally suited to oysters. Pinot Gris, whether it's a dry, crisp version from Oregon or Alsace or the similar Pinot Grigio from Italy, also makes an excellent match with seafood and fish."
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Source: "Assiette de Fruits de Mer" from J'Aime Normandie Facebook page
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created April 16, 2017; updated April 16, 2017