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  1. Oldman's Guide to Outsmarting Wine: 108 Ingenious Shortcuts to Navigate the World of Wine with Confidence and Style by Mark Oldman [Amazon]
  2. Great Wine Made Simple: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier by Andrea Robinson 2005 at Amazon First published in 2000, [Amazon] 2000 version at Newport Library
    available in MLN system but must be ordered SEE MLN HERE
    Great Wine Made Simple established Andrea Immer Robinson as America’s favorite wine writer. Avoiding the traditional and confusingly vague wine language of “bouquet” and “nose,” and instead discussing wine in commonsense terms, the book launched Andrea’s career as a wine authority without pretense. Thoroughly revised in 2005, Great Wine Made Simple lives up to its title by making selecting and enjoying wine truly simple. With Andrea Immer Robinson as your guide, you will never again have to fear pricey bottles that don’t deliver, snobby wine waiters, foreign terminology, or encyclopedic restaurant wine lists.
    Chowhound member Deborah B. highly recommends "Great Wine Made Simple," Broadway Books, ISBN: 0-7679-0477-X by Andrea Immer (now Robinson). Says that it is one of the best books for anyone who is just starting out in the world of wine. The 2000 book is a tad dated, regarding tastings recommendations so you would have to do a bit of "reading between the lines," and do your own updating of suggested wines. Deborah loves the way that Andrea breaks down the "mystery" of point of origin, and then offers tastings to exemplify the differences. Deborah adds that the "homework" is great fun. Deborah also recommends "Windows on the World Complete Wine Course," Sterling, ISBN: 0-8069-7649-7 by Andrea's mentor, Kevin Zraly. Says it is a great starter book.
  3. Windows on the World Complete Wine Course, Sterling, ISBN: 0-8069-7649-7 by Kevin Zraly. "a great starter book by Andrea Immer Robinson's mentor".
  4. Perfect Pairings : A Master Sommelier's Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food by Evan Goldstein; Pool and Joyce Oudkerk (Photographer); available at Middletown Public Library See all Middletown books about wine
  5. Wine for Dummies -- say what you will of the "Dummies" books, but this Wine book is one of the very best beginner books around. It is exceptionally clear, and friendly,
    and non-pretentious. Written by Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan. Note that 1998 copy is in Newport.
  6. The Wine Bible, by Karen MacNeil -- this is another exceptionally clear book about wines, regions and flavor characteristics. Very readable. Terrific sidebars.

Other Books

  1. How to taste: a guide to enjoying wine by Jancis Robinson at [Newport Library] [Amazon] seems to be more directing at "tasting" than learning about wine.

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