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Vermont has the highest percentage of maples trees in New England. One-third are sugar maples and red maples responsible for producing intense red hues. Foliage usually begins to show in the higher elevation of the Northeast Kingdom and works its way south. Approximately 3.5 million people visit Vermont during foliage season, from mid-September through mid-October. Tourists spend about $460 million in Vermont in September through November.

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  1. Site Rhode Island Sons of the Revolution Google site with info on membership maintained by ew.
  2. Blog Rhode Island Sons of the Revolution/ Blog covers news and recent events
  3. blog
  4. Video Vimeo vimeo
  5. Video YouTube youtube
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Fitness for 2013
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Exercise / Body Building

Joined these groups in October and November 2013 marauders1 - nocnocdos

  • Women's Health magazine eileenvideoAT
  • FitDay eileenvideo marauders1 eileenvideoATyahoo.com
  • Fitness Pal eileenvideo excellent calorie counter / food diary

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Barilla http://www.barillaus.com/Pages/loginrecipebox.aspx massed penne
Barilla Italia http://it.primopiatto.barilla.com/home/htm/home.htm rhodeislander penne massed
AllRecipes http://allrecipes.com eileenvideo "bellacitta" fyinee'70 account opened Nov 13, 2008 email eileenvideo@yahoo.com incl shoplist
My Recipes http://myrecipes.com eileenvideoATyahoo.com bellacitta10 - MyRecipeFile_SignIn
BostonGlobe http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/food/ westgateàmassed.net mkanna'suno
Yelp https://www.yelp.com/login?return_url=%2F eileenvideo maraudersuno - restaurant reviews
My Pyramid

MyPyramid offers personalized eating plans, interactive tools to help you plan and assess your food choices, and advice to help you
MyPyramid Plan http://www.mypyramid.gov

Culinate http://www.culinate.com/ eileenvideo maraudersohneeins See post about BBQ and Carolinas accessed 3/9/14
Whole Foods http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/ eileenvideo maraudersohneeins eileenvideoATyahoo 6/11/13
Fine Cooking http://finecooking/ eileenvideoATyahoo maraudersdicks
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These links are available only on local hard drive.

At Hanging Rock 11/12/07
  1. Bruce in Belmont Citizen April 7, 2005
  2. Playground Middletown Saturday February 19, 2005
  3. Bruce's 5th Birthday Party
  4. Eileen's News May - June 2005 incl Adventures Pre-School Bruce's "Graduation", Star Market in cars, JFK Day w/ Sean
  5. Second Beach ~ Thu Dec 28, 2006
  6. Bruce's First Soccer Game Saturday September 15, 2006
  7. Westgate Boys photo Dec 24, 2006
  8. Second Beach, Middletown, Rhode Island, Saturday September 9, 2006
  9. Easter 2007 with ham and Linser Cookies
  10. Halloween 2007
  11. Hike to Hanging Rock Monday Nov 12, 2007 offers gorgeous views of Second Beach and Sachuest Bay in Middletown, Rhode Island.
  12. Sean's Birthday, Feb 1, 2008, at Elephant Walk
  13. Sean and Marion in Prague w/ Eva and Nicola Aug 28, 2008.
  14. Ralph, Dot and Bruce in Yarmouth, Saturday, June 18, 2005


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Bruce has taken a number of solo trips

    Uzbek Yurts are hot!
  1. United Kingdom / Iceland Trip September 2012
  2. Bruce in Sri Lanka February 2006
  3. Bruce in Morocco 2005
  4. Bruce in Uzbekistan May 2005
  5. Bruce in Iran 2004.

Bruce and Lee's Trips Arrow UP

[Interesting Travel Pages] Sections: [#Family] [BwTravel] [Cooking] [Genealogy] [History] [Music/Videos] [Houses] [German] [Other] Arrow UP

From Lee's Special Travel Site

  1. Iceland
  2. England
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales
WorldTime London

New Zealand


Los Angeles




Cities - Lee

Interesting Travel Pages Arrow UP

Manukura Little White Kiwi

Manukura, Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre See Video. +: Manukura - the little white kiwi. by Mike Heydon on Vimeo Gallery [Kiwi Links] [Latest Vid] See more below.

Note: Bank America tel for EU travel 001 602 597 2395

Favorite Places

  1. DC [National Zoo] [National Zoo Kiwi] [National Gallery] [National Archives] [Days Inn, Arlington Phone: 1-703-525-0300] [DC Transit]

UK Travel 2012

  1. Iceland / UK
  2. Manchester Ning [92-94 Oldham Street - Tue opens at 6 PM Location and Parking] [Menu] [Manchester Travelogue Ancoats Hotel 22 Great Ancoats Street] See Manchester Maps
  3. Hadrian's Wall [video] [wikipedia]

URLS to Interesting Travel Sites

  1. Articles by Justin Wateridge Travel blog of a young managing director for UK travel agency Abercrombie Kent makes for some interesting reading about his experiences since for the past 10-12 years. Bad layout with white text on black background. Stories include include snow leopard in Ladakh, gorillas with the Ba'aka pygmies in Central Africa, Sei whale in the Galapagos, the tepuis of Venezuela, the remote island of Socotra off Yemen and the North-West Frontier Province in Pakistan, and the cities of Cartagena, Kashgar and Beirut. Plus Wodaabe nomads in the Sahara and cycling up the Mekong River.
  2. Who, What, Why: Why do we know Timbuktu? BBC April 2, 2012

Local Drive (these urls may not work on-line)

  1. Surfing - in Newport, Rhode Island; my own videos, youtube favorites, and movies and books about surfing in general, and video and photo tips on capturing surfing
Travel^ Manchester Maps
Ning [92-94 Oldham Street Location and Parking]
Arrow UP
Manchester Travelogue Ancoats Hotel 22 Great Ancoats Street
Arrow UP

Arrow UP Kiwi Links [NZ Weather] [Kiwi / Culture (local)]

Kiwi Links [Kiwi Pages] [Arrow UP] [Kiwi / Culture (local)]

This data is probably outdated. Refer to [Kiwi / Culture (local)]

  1. Kiwis at the National Zoo http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/Birds/Kiwi/default.cfm
    See Newest Kiwi Is One Month Old January 12, 2012 and other items copied from above link to local drive
  2. Search Google site:http://nationalzoo.si.edu/ kiwi GO
  3. Interview with Kathy Brader http://www.thebirdist.com/2007/11/interview-with-kathy-brader-of-national.html Monday, November 5, 2007 by BirdList
    also at http://birddc.blogspot.com/2006/04/interview-with-kathy-brader-of.html
  4. Columbus Zoo Kiwi video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oPbNcUyHtA
  5. Kiwis http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Publications/ZooGoer/1999/6/kiwisavingkiwis.cfm
  6. Kiwi Photos of Koa and Manaia from the National Zoo http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=73441567@N00&q=kiwi by MyAngel27 on FlickR accessed 2/21/12 Note that Manaia died in 2011.
  7. Kiwi Koa and Manaia by eileenvideo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne02nGS6m8U Unedited Flip video clips of the endearing Manaia and his cousin Koa. Lovingly reared by Kathy Brader at the National Zoo in Washington Zoo, both Kiwi are absolutely adorable. Manaia is probably the world's most approachable Kiwi. Clips of Koa Jan 30, 2012, clips of Manaia Feb 20, 2012 - uploaded clips put into a YouTube string on 2/21/2012 to be edited at later date. accessed 2/21/12
  8. Frankfurt Zoo in Frankfurt, Germany "Der Zoo Frankfurt und die Kiwis - eine Erfolgsgeschichte" http://www.zoo-frankfurt.de/presse/aktuell/news/artikel/der-zoo-frankfurt-und-die-kiwis-eine-erfolgsgeschichte.html deutsch
    Am 3. April hat sich im Zoo Frankfurt ein Kiwi-Küken ans Licht der Welt gepickt. Mittlerweile erkundet der putzmuntere, braune Vogel sein Gehege in der Brutstation.
    Die Körpertemperatur der Streifenkiwis ist viel niedriger als bei allen anderen Vogelarten, nämlich ca. 37° Celsius, ganz ähnlich wie bei den Säugetieren. Kiwis legen die verhältnismäßig größten Eier im Vergleich zu ihrem Körpergewicht und haben eine sehr variable aber insgesamt lange Brutzeit (bei uns im Zoo Frankfurt zwischen 70 und 95 Tagen). Nur das Männchen bebrütet die Eier und verlässt während der Brutzeit das Gelege nur kurz und an manchen Tagen überhaupt nicht, was dazu führt, dass die Tiere im Freiland bis zu 25 Prozent ihres Körpergewichtes verlieren.
    On 3 April has been picked at the Frankfurt Zoo, a kiwi chicks to light the world. Meanwhile, explore the perky, brown bird his enclosure in the hatchery.
    The body temperature of the kiwi is much lower than any other bird species, namely about 37 ° Celsius, much as in mammals. Kiwis lay the largest eggs compared relatively to their body weight and have a highly variable but generally long incubation time (with us at the Frankfurt Zoo 70-95 days). Only the male incubates the eggs and leave the nest during the breeding season only briefly and on some days not at all, which means that the animals in the wild lose up to 25 percent of their body weight.
    accessed 2/21/12
  9. Frankfurt Zoo Kiwi Page
    Kiwis wurde 1850 von Bartlett zum ersten Mal beschrieben. Mittlerweile unterscheidet man fünf Arten: Kleiner Tüpfelkiwi, Großer Tüpfelkiwi, Nördlicher und Südlicher Streifenkiwi und der Okarito-Streifenkiwi.
    1978 erhielt der Zoo Frankfurt zwei Nördliche Streifenkiwis als Staatsgeschenke, 1987 gelang die erste europäische Nachzucht. Bis heute ist der Frankfurter Zoo führend in der Kiwizucht - lange Zeit war er sogar der einzige Zoo außerhalb Neuseelands, dem die Kiwizucht gelang. Die Kiwizucht erfolgt "hinter den Kulissen" und nicht mit den Tieren, die im Grzimekhaus zu sehen sind.
    Kiwi were described for the first time in 1850 by Bartlett. There are five types: Small Tüpfelkiwi, Large Tüpfelkiwi, Northern and Southern Okarito brown kiwi and-brown kiwi. In 1978 the Frankfurt Zoo two Northern kiwi as gifts of state, succeeded in 1987 the first European breeding. To date, the Frankfurt zoo leader in Kiwizucht - long time he was even the only zoo outside of New Zealand, who succeeded in Kiwizucht. The Kiwizucht done "behind the scenes" and not with the animals, which can be seen in Grzimek.
    Note: The five formally described kiwi species are:
    Little Spotted, Great Spotted, North Island Brown, the Okarito Brown, the Stewart Island Brown and the The Haast Brown.
    little spotted kiwi (A. owenii) on several offshore islands and at Karori Sanctuary in Wellington
    great spotted kiwi/roroa (A. haastii) in the northern South Island
    brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) in the North Island
    rowi (A. rowi) at Okarito, on the West Coast of the South Island
    tokoeka (A. australis) in the South Island (Fiordland, the Haast Range and on Stewart and Kapiti Islands).
    See http://www.kiwirecovery.org.nz/about-the-bird/kiwi-family/the-kiwi-family.html accessed 2/22/12
  10. BNZ Save the Kiwi http://www.kiwirecovery.org.nz accessed 2/22/12
  11. Kiwis - the National Bird of New Zealand http://activenewzealand.com/resources/kiwis.php accessed 2/21/12
  12. Search Google "Species Survival Plan" kiwi
  13. For the Birds: Meet a Kiwi National Geographic Posted by Giovanna Palatucci on September 29, 2010 http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com/2010/09/29/for_the_birds_meet_a_kiwi/ accessed 2/21/12
  14. "Kiwi starve to death in Northland drought" http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3297739/Kiwi-starve-to-death-in-Northland-drought accessed 2/21/12
  15. Baby kiwi survives Northland drought http://www.newzealand.com/travel/media/press-releases/2010/2/nature_baby-kiwi-survives-drought_press-release.cfm accessed 2/21/12
  16. Drought driving kiwi into daylight http://www.nzherald.co.nz/droughts/news/article.cfm?c_id=180&objectid=10624770 accessed 2/21/12
  17. VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go52mHlKDEo Last night the worst drought in 20+ years here on Purerua Peninsula was broken with a 36mm rainfall. This afternoon, one of our local kiwis came out in broad daylight. We think it had been getting hungry because the ground was too hard and dry to penetrate during the drought, but with the softer soil today, the bird came out to catch up on feeding.
    Note the very unusual white head and underside. Locally, this one is named "Chalky".accessed 2/21/12
  18. Rare brown kiwi hatches at Washington zoo http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2010/03/31/rare_brown_kiwi_hatches_at_zoo/ accessed 2/22/12
  19. Kiwi (Nördlicher Streifen-)(Apteryx mantelli) http://www.zoo-frankfurt.de/tiere/tiere-von-a-z/tiere-von-a-z-detailansicht.html?tx-zootgv[tier]=41&back=40%2Ctx-zootgv[mode]%3D0&cHash=1e8b21af5b81da189a958053b99dcb1f
    Kiwis wurde 1850 von Bartlett zum ersten Mal beschrieben. Mittlerweile unterscheidet man fünf Arten: Kleiner Tüpfelkiwi, Großer Tüpfelkiwi, Nördlicher und Südlicher Streifenkiwi und der Okarito-Streifenkiwi.
    1978 erhielt der Zoo Frankfurt zwei Nördliche Streifenkiwis als Staatsgeschenke, 1987 gelang die erste europäische Nachzucht. Bis heute ist der Frankfurter Zoo führend in der Kiwizucht - lange Zeit war er sogar der einzige Zoo außerhalb Neuseelands, dem die Kiwizucht gelang. Die Kiwizucht erfolgt "hinter den Kulissen" und nicht mit den Tieren, die im Grzimekhaus zu sehen sind.
    accessed 2/22/12
  20. Google translate German to English http://translate.google.com/?hl=en accessed 2/22/12
  21. New Zealand Ambassador Ceremoniously Hands Over Kiwi Pair for New National Zoo Breeding Science Center July 2010 http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/Birds/Kiwi/breeding2010.cfm
    On July 16, New Zealand Ambassador Roy Ferguson officially handed over a pair of brown kiwis to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in a ceremony at the Front Royal, Virginia, facility. The National Zoo and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's new science breeding program for kiwis will focus primarily on studying behavior and boosting the population using advances in reproductive technologies. No zoo has successfully performed an artificial insemination on a kiwi and the National Zoo aims to become the first to do so by studying why some kiwis are more likely to breed and the conditions that lead to increased levels of breeding in these monogamous birds.
    kiwiThe Zoo will be using its kiwi pair at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) to establish a new breeding science center. The male's name is Tamatahi (ta-ma-TA-hee), which means first-born son, and the female is Hinetu (hee-nay-TOO), which means proud woman. Both birds came from the Ngati Hine people in New Zealand. Adding these animals to the genetic pool in North America is a rare and valuable opportunity. This pair came with another pair that will continue on to Germany and one bird that went to the San Diego Zoo. When these birds pass away, they will be sent back to the tribe for burial.
    accessed 2/22/12
  22. Zoo Kiwi Flight of a Lifetime url 03 May 2010 Five North Island Brown kiwi hatched and reared at Auckland Zoo fly out to the United States this evening to assist the international captive breeding programme for our endangered national bird.accessed 2/22/12
  23. Raising Babies By Hand http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Publications/ZooGoer/2011/4/Hand.cfm accessed 2/22/12
  24. San Diego Zoo - Kiwi page http://www.sandiegozoo.org/animalbytes/t-kiwi.html accessed 2/22/12
  25. Smithsonian's National Zoo Hatches a Kiwi on December 11, 2011 http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalzoo/sets/72157628389817633/
    Omana A brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) female hatched at the Smithsonian's National Zoo's Bird House Dec. 11 at 10:25 a.m. The egg was laid Oct. 1 and keepers began looking for signs of the chick hatching starting in early December. This new chick will not be on exhibit, but people can watch it forage in its nest box on the Zoo's Kiwi Cam. The chick is the sixth kiwi successfully hatched in the National Zoo's history. The first, Toru, was in 1975, and was also the first to occur outside of New Zealand. The Zoo did not have another successful hatching until 2006; visitors can see that male bird, Manaia, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.m. during the Meet-a-Kiwi program at the National Zoo's Bird House. The National Zoo is the only zoo in North America to offer this kiwi program. The Zoo hatched its first female kiwi chick-Hiri-in 2010. She is now in Germany as part of the Species Survival Plan breeding program. The Zoo established a kiwi breeding facility at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Center in front Royal, Va. last year with the import of two kiwis from New Zealand.
    Kiwis in captivity are extremely rare and only five zoos outside of New Zealand have successfully bred kiwis. The birds typically mate for life, and the male is responsible for incubating the egg. After kiwi chicks hatch, however, they receive no parental care. Unlike many other bird species, kiwis hatch fully feathered and equipped with all of the necessary skills they need to survive. There are five species of kiwi. The brown kiwi is classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The wild population is declining at a rate of approximately 5.8 percent a year. Nearly 90 percent of all wild North Island brown kiwi chicks are killed by stoats (members of the weasel family) and cats in unprotected areas. In areas where pest control is in place, the survival rate is high. The remaining wild population of the brown kiwi is estimated at roughly 24,000, down from 60,000 in the 1980s. However, where conservation efforts, such as Operation Nest Egg occur, the kiwi population is stabilizing.
    accessed 2/22/12
  26. Omana New Zealand Ambassador Names Newest Kiwi Chick February 23, 2012 The third female brown kiwi that hatched at the Smithsonian's National Zoo Dec. 11 has a new moniker: Omana (pronounced "oh-MAH-nah"). Mike Moore, New Zealand Ambassador to the United States, named the kiwi in honor of his hometown, O-Manawatere, a city located southeast of Auckland. Omana's December 11 hatching is important to kiwi conservation-currently, there are only 15 female and 33 male kiwi in zoos outside New Zealand. Only five zoos outside of New Zealand have successfully bred these unique birds, and the National Zoo has cared for six chicks-three males and three females-since Toru hatched in 1975. Like her wild-caught father Maori, Omana will become a valuable breeder because her genes are not well-represented in the captive population. She will not be on exhibit at the Zoo. However, in a few weeks, visitors to the Zoo's website will be able to watch Omana forage in her new enclosure via the Kiwi Cam. The Zoo's Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, also has a breeding pair of kiwi. (What are their names??) accessed 2/24/12
  27. Operation Nest Egg (O.N.E.) http://www.projectkiwi.org.nz/index.asp?s1=Operation%20Nest%20Egg accessed 2/22/12
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  29. The Kiwi http://www.strangeanimals.info/2010/12/kiwi.html accessed 2/23/12
  30. Kiwi: The People's Bird by Neville Peat on sale at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Kiwi-Peoples-Bird-Neville-Peat/dp/1877372366/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1329988961&sr=8-2 accessed 2/23/12
    Peat, Neville. Kiwi: the People's Bird. Dunedin, N.Z.: Otago University Press, 2006. not available on ebook; available at Cabot Science Library Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 United States
  31. New Zealand's Eccentric Icon: The World's Most Unusual Bird video of lecture which was presented by Neville Peat at the National Zoo on March 28, 2007 http://nationalzoo.si.edu/ActivitiesAndEvents/Lectures/archive/20070328/video.cfm accessed 2/24/12
  32. Tamatahi (male) and Hinetu (female) given to National Zoo "Pair of kiwi presented to Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute" from New Zealand Embassy Kathleen Brader, senior bird keeper at the National Zoo and Species Survival Plan coordinator for kiwis outside of New Zealand; and others accepted kiwi pair on behalf of the Smithsonian National Zoo. The male kiwi's name is Tamatahi, which means first-born son, and the female is Hinetu, which means proud woman, will add to the genetic pool in North America . Another pair will continue on to Germany and another went to the San Diego Zoo. When these birds pass away, they will be sent back to the tribe for burial. Two chicks were born this year at National Zoo: their first female, Hiri, which means "important and great" in Ma¯ori and _____.
    url http://www.nzembassy.com/usa/news/pair-of-kiwi-presented-to-smithsonian-conservation-biology-institute accessed 2/24/12
  33. Hiri PHOTOS of Hiri, first female hatched at National Zoo, March 30, 2010 "Hiri - the Smithsonian National Zoo's newest kiwi arrival" from New Zealand Embassy
    url http://www.nzembassy.com/hiri-the-smithsonian-national-zoos-newest-kiwi-arrival accessed 2/24/12
  34. Hiri, first female hatched at National Zoo, March 30, 2010 "Ambassador Names National Zoo's First Female Kiwi Chick"
    url http://newsdesk.si.edu/releases/ambassador-names-national-zoo-s-first-female-kiwi-chick?device=mobile accessed 2/24/12
  35. Brand New Baby Kiwis! at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurgh, New Zealand. url accessed 2/24/12
  36. Wee Kiwi at Columbus Zoo The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has achieved another significant first with the successful hatching of a North Island brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) on Mar. 23, 2011. The Columbus Zoo is only the third zoo in North America to successfully hatch a kiwi chick since the first one hatched at Smithsonian's National Zoo in 1975 and this chick is only the fifth kiwi to successfully hatch in as many years. "The fact this egg successfully hatched is a testament to the amazing care and attention given by our staff in consultation with professional colleagues around the world" said Columbus Zoo and Aquarium President and CEO Dale Schmidt. "Like an expectant parent, kiwi expert Kathy Brader from Smithsonian's National Zoo rushed to Central Ohio to be here and assist our team with the newly hatched chick." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oPbNcUyHtA accessed 2/26/12
  37. Orana Wildlife Park, Papanui, Christchurch http://www.oranawildlifepark.co.nz/nz.htm accessed 2/26/12
  38. title url Search Google for site:http://www.oranawildlifepark.co.nz kiwi accessed 2/26/12
  39. Fighting Kiwi birds on Steward Island, New Zealand VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x5d_lZtA0U accessed 2/26/12
  40. Rimutaka Forest Park, an area of mostly native forest in the hills east of Wellington, New Zealand .http://www.rimutakatrust.org.nz/index.html accessed 3/27/12
  41. Rimutaka Forest Park Kiwi Project Wellington, New Zealand http://www.rimutakatrust.org.nz/projects/kiwi.htm accessed 3/27/12
  42. Rimutaka Forest Park Kiwi Trust Wellington, New Zealand Photo Gallery http://www.rimutakatrust.org.nz/photo_gallery/photo_gallery.htm accessed 3/27/12
  43. title url accessed 3/27/12
  44. title url accessed 3/27/12
  45. title url accessed 3/27/12
  46. title url accessed 3/27/12
  47. title url accessed 3/27/12
  48. title url accessed 3/27/12


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  3. Thanksgiving Dinner 2007 Maddie's stuffing w/ whole grain bread, garlic, onions, carrot, cranberries and walnuts. incl recipes.

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  1. Portsmouth Historical Society 111.04 Indenture Agreement April 20, 1692 between Ann Brayton of Portsmouth and Robin Richman, Indian, of Little Compton

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  1. Apartment Belmont 2-bedrooms; 2nd Floor; newly refurbished for Young and Maddie; can be deleted
  2. Newport House - old photos - needs updating
  3. Newport house kitchen tiles being laid April 3, 2006.

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  1. Florian - project for German class, incl Alex too.
  2. German Review Adjectives and Kontakte Vocab:
  3. Mein Lieblingsbildhauer, Tilman Riemenschneider.

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  1. http://eilee.net/westgates/tiv061/index.html Borden Cemetery ~ Tiverton, RI visited Su Apr 17, 2005 and Sa Feb 3, 2007
  2. Freling Westgate (posted 5/8/05)
  3. dc_mary_ronayne (posted 11/9/05) Mary Ronayne's death certificate
  4. Tiverton George lease http://eilee.net/westgates/tiv_george/enlargement.html

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  3. Acronyms http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/
  4. Medicare and My GIC Benefits Questions & Answers
  5. LIFE photo archive hosted by Google http://images.google.com/hosted/life
  6. Trey Ratcliff's travel photos and tips on HDR photograpy
  7. Tigers Video Kaziranga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX4qtE-0v7o
  8. IPAD 2 music video - Eddy "NEED" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUfxclbWavE This music video was shot solely on 4 ipad 2's. The video was released in 20 hours of when the ipad 2 came out. See article on PC World
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Kiwis Washington DC - National Zoo
Meet A Kiwi at the Bird Resource Center inside the Bird House.
The Bird Resource Center is fairly small so the program is limited to the first 25 people.
Columbus Ohio Zoo
New Zealand

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  4. Google stuff
    " How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect (March 1, 2012)" by Eva Galperin February 21, 2012
  5. Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region's media. MEMRI bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Persian, Urdu-Pashtu, and Turkish media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.
    See "The Arab Spring in Jordan -- Part II: Oppositionists Challenging the Legitimacy of the King and Hashemite Royal Family" by: H. Varulkar 3/5/12
  6. TurnTo10 Cooking http://www2.turnto10.com/lifestyles/food_cooking/ included Chef Frank Terranova hosts Cooking with Class on NBC 10 News at Noon and 5 p.m.
    TurnTo10 Search cooking database http://www2.turnto10.com/special_section/cooking_with_class/
  7. Filezilla free ftp for pc http://filezilla-project.org/download.php accessed Aug 23, 2012
  8. Icelandic Review http://www.icelandreview.com/icelandreview/

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By November 14, 2012, I still have not managed to have the Thrive act as GPS.

In October 2012, I learned that the Thrive should be able to do gps without wifi. Here are the results of my research: I followed these directions 10/16/12 and it seems to work, but I need to test it outside driving in the car. If it does work I need to get a plug for car use.

Connect Thrive's GPS:

  1. Make sure you are in a clear open area (not under a tree or inside a house, building, car, tunnel, cave).
  2. To test the GPS, download from Market: "GPS Status and Tools" (free) [Google Market version]. Using the tool, the Thrive should be able to see a few satellites (within a minute) and it must get a fix on at least 3 of them to get your location.
  3. Then run Google Maps or Latitude or download MapDroyd (free) and you should be able to see where you are on the map via GPS.
  4. Set WiFi to OFF when you are done with the downloads.
  5. In Settings/Location&Security make sure "Use GPS satellites" is ON.
  6. You can set both "Use wireless networks" and "Use location for Google Search" to OFF.

Contributor says: "I am in the Philippines and I can get a fix on 12 satellites using the Thrive. You can do the above as well on an Android phone (ie. worked on an Ideos and Samsung Galaxy Y) that has a GPS chip in it. GPS should work because of the GPS chip, it doesn't need WiFi, internet, roaming, HSDPA, GPRS, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, or a cellphone signal to work."


  1. Amazon E. Gutierrez answered on October 29, 2011
  2. Google https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2&hl=en

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