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Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck (1646c - 1665c) [Sources]

In 1665, Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck was the first Native American to graduate from Harvard University. Cheeshahteaumuck, of the Wampanoag tribe, came from Martha's Vineyard and attended a preparatory school in Roxbury. Other native Americans attended but none of the others graduated. Cheeshahteaumuck died of tuberculosis in Watertown less than a year after graduation. His Latin address to the Society, beginning "Honoratissimi benefactores" (English: Most honored benefactors), has been preserved.

Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck (1646c - 1665c)
Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck (1646c - 1665c) Harvard College 1665 [enlarge]